About Faithful Paws Mission

Faithful Paws Mission is dedicated to providing foster care placement and educational resources in order to save dogs from shelters, abuse, neglect and death.  We accomplish our goal of saving rescue animals through fundraisers, grants and donations.  Through outreach events, media and word of mouth, we raise the funds needed to sponsor dogs, medical treatment, spaying and neutering.  We provide a higher quality of life for rescue animals by contributing to the cost of a space to play, a dog house and adequate food.  Through extensive research, our volunteers ensure that our grants are being used exclusively for dogs, which are carefully placed in families that treat them as a beloved pet.  Please Like our Facebook page, bookmark our website and stay-tuned as we pursue our application for 501C3 status, which will enable future donations to be tax-deductible.   In the interim, any donations are still very much appreciated and needed. Please donate via Paypal and feel free to use the comments section to specify if there is something specific
[??1]  you want your donation to support.  [??2] In addition, we have an Amazon Wishlist of items such as food, beds, bowls and treats, all of which go directly to an animal in need.

Please tell at least one friend about the Faithful Paws Mission.  Christina Tatum welcomes your questions at faithfulpawsmission@yahoo.com. Thank you in advance for your support.

 [??1]I would offer options.  For example, food, shelter, veterinary bills or population control.

 [??2]Insert link.  For management of contributions you may not want to accept checks, which can expose you to liability and issues with insufficient funds and additional bookkeeping.  IF you feel comfortable accepting checks, be sure to deposit them right away.  And definitely use bit.ly to include a short link to the Paypal page.


To enable rescues to save more lives, support 
citizens in helping others and provide education[??1].

You don’t have to adopt a rescue animal to help.  We encourage three levels of participation in order to provide everyone with a means to support our efforts.

1 – Foster a pet[??2] 

2 – Donate items, money or time

3 – Share the animal[??3] 

 [??1]I would make this a little more specific.  Help how?  What kind of education?

 [??2]Specify time frames to get more commitment.  One month? One year?

 [??3]Are these all dogs?  How do you share?  Might need more information.


[??1] ten years ago, Christina Tatum made it her mission to give every animal[??2] a home.  Thanks to her efforts, which have ranged from rescuing animals on the side of the road to pulling from shelters to helping place animals, hundreds of animals have found become part of loving families each year.

 [??1]Add a photo with a rescue pet.  And perhaps a little more story to make it personal.  The names of your pets.  A quote or two from a foster family or rescue family.

 [??2]Might add a sentence that while you want every animal to find the home it deserves, you have focused on dogs in order to make the biggest possible impact.

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